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I had a really great lunch today at Whole Foods, sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. Tofu Garden Salad Rolls with peanut chili sauce, a hazelnut dark chocolate square and mint Texas tea.

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*fantasizes about living alone, healthy, bills payed, with a nice fenced in backyard for my dogs to play*

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"this horror movie isn’t very good-"

This is the path the horror fan must walk, this is the path I have chosen.

The path of watching a lot of not very good movies.

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Homemade apple sauce with cinnamon.

Homemade apple sauce with cinnamon.

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Am I the only person who eats the skin of the butternut squash?

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3am is a good time to make soup, right?

3am is a good time to make soup, right?

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Made those broccoli stuffed portabellas I posted earlier. Holy shit they are good. I made some adjustments (I added chickpeas for protein) and they came out perfect.

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I’m cozy in my bed and I plan on staying here forever.

I’m cozy in my bed and I plan on staying here forever.

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Broccoli-Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms with Dijon Cheddar Sauce..RECIPE

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Warm rainbow salad with butter lettuce, spinach, red and yellow tomatoes, purple cabbage, black beans, yellow squash, hearts of palm, sun flower seeds and roasted sweet potato.

This salad was so good! Ate it with salsa and chipotle Chalula hot sauce.

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Redefining my favourite ingredient: Stuffed Sweet Potato…with Sweet Potato

Recently I’ve been on a huge sweet potato binge. As in I’ve had sweet potato roasted, steamed or mashed almost once every day (sometimes twice) and our pantry is overflowing with sweet potatoes. So when my mom suggested a way to vamp up what I already eat on a daily basis in an absolutely healthy way, I was overjoyed. She presents: Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato Skins with Spicy Sweet Potato Sesame Mash

  1. Firstly, steam or boil your sweet potato to a soft consistency (you can do this also by microwaving it for 5 minutes, but that kills nutrients so I don’t recommend it) such that you can spear it with a fork. 
  2. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celcius. 
  3. Then, cut the sweet potatoes in half and scoop the soft sweet potato meat from it’s skin, leaving half a centimetre of sweet potato on each skin and taking the rest and putting it into a bowl.
  4. With the sweet potato meat, add chopped onion, tomato, diced grilled red bell pepper and black and white sesame, with lime juice/salt/pepper/chilli flakes to taste. Mash them all together, adding almond milk if necessary for a smoother consistency. 
  5. Once you have your mash, spoon it back into the sweet potato skins and wrap each individual stuffed sweet potato half in aluminium foil. 
  6. Bake the stuffed sweet potato for 7 minutes at 200 degrees celcius (you can even add cheese on top if you like) and let it cool for 5 minutes, before enjoying!

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